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Version: v2.0.0-beta.43


This page serves as a list for community supported templates. Please submit a PR (click Edit this page at the bottom) to include your templates. To build your own template, please see the Templates guide.

To use these templates, run wails init -n "Your Project Name" -t [the link below[@version]]

If there is no version suffix, the main branch code template is used by default. If there is a version suffix, the code template corresponding to the tag of this version is used.

Example: wails init -n "Your Project Name" -t


The Wails project does not maintain, is not responsible nor liable for 3rd party templates!

If you are unsure about a template, inspect package.json and wails.json for what scripts are run and what packages are installed.






  • wails-elm-template - Develop your GUI app with functional programming and a snappy hot-reload setup 🎉 🚀