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Version: v2.8.1

NSIS installer

Wails supports generating Windows installers using the NSIS installer.

Installing NSIS


The installer is available on the NSIS Download page.

You can install with Scoop (which will automatically add it to your PATH):

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install nsis

Or, you can use Winget (on Windows 10+):

winget install NSIS.NSIS --silent

If you use the chocolatey package manager, run the following script:

choco install nsis

NOTE: If you install NSIS manually, you need to add the Bin folder, which contains makensis.exe, in your NSIS installation to your path. Here is a good tutorial on how to add to path on Windows.


The nsis package should be available through your distribution's package manager.


NSIS is available to install through homebrew: brew install nsis.

Generating the installer

When a new project is created, Wails generates the NSIS configuration files in build/windows/installer. The config data is read from installer/info.json and that is configured to use the project's wails.json Info section:

// ...
"Info": {
"companyName": "My Company Name",
"productName": "Wails Vite",
"productVersion": "1.0.0",
"copyright": "Copyright.........",
"comments": "Built using Wails ("

To generate an installer for your application, use the -nsis flag with wails build:

wails build -nsis

The installer will now be available in the build/bin directory.