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Version: v2.8.0


This page has miscellaneous guides related to developing Wails applications for Linux.

Video tag doesn't fire "ended" event

When using a video tag, the "ended" event is not fired when the video is finished playing. This is a bug in WebkitGTK, however you can use the following workaround to fix it:

videoTag.addEventListener("timeupdate", (event) => {
if ( - < 0.2) {
let ended = new Event("ended");;

Source: Lyimmi on the discussions board

GStreamer error when using Audio or Video elements

If you are seeing the following error when including <Audio> or <Video> elements on Linux, you may need to install gst-plugins-good.

GStreamer element autoaudiosink not found. Please install it


Run the following distro relevant install command:

pacman -S gst-plugins-good

If the added package does not resolve the issue, additional GStreamer dependencies may be required. See the GStreamer installation page for more details.

Additional Notes

Source: developomp on the Tauri discussion board.