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Version: v2.8.0

Visual Studio Code

This page is for miscellaneous tips and tricks when using Visual Studio Code with Wails.

Vetur Configuration

Many thanks to @Lyimmi for this tip. Originally posted here.

Vetur is a popular plugin for Visual Studio Code that provides syntax highlighting and code completion for Vue projects. When loading a Wails project in VSCode, Vetur will throw an error as it is expecting to find the frontend project in the root directory. To fix this, you can do the following:

Create a file named vetur.config.js in the project's root.

// vetur.config.js
/** @type {import('vls').VeturConfig} */
module.exports = {
// **optional** default: `{}`
// override vscode settings
// Notice: It only affects the settings used by Vetur.
settings: {
"vetur.useWorkspaceDependencies": true,
"vetur.experimental.templateInterpolationService": true
// **optional** default: `[{ root: './' }]`
// support monorepos
projects: [
// **required**
// Where is your project?
// It is relative to `vetur.config.js`.
// root: './packages/repo1',
root: './frontend',
// **optional** default: `'package.json'`
// Where is `package.json` in the project?
// We use it to determine the version of vue.
// It is relative to root property.
package: './package.json',
// **optional**
// Where is TypeScript config file in the project?
// It is relative to root property.
tsconfig: './tsconfig.json',
// **optional** default: `'./.vscode/vetur/snippets'`
// Where is vetur custom snippets folders?
snippetFolder: './.vscode/vetur/snippets',
// **optional** default: `[]`
// Register globally Vue component glob.
// If you set it, you can get completion by that components.
// It is relative to root property.
// Notice: It won't actually do it. You need to use `require.context` or `Vue.component`
globalComponents: [

Next, configure frontend/tsconfig.json:

"compilerOptions": {
"module": "system",
"noImplicitAny": true,
"removeComments": true,
"preserveConstEnums": true,
"sourceMap": true,
"outFile": "../../built/local/tsc.js",
"allowJs": true
"exclude": [
"include": [

This should enable you to now use Vetur as expected.