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Version: v2.8.0

Snippet Expander

Screenshot of Snippet Expander's Select Snippet window

Screenshot of Snippet Expander's Add Snippet screen

Screenshot of Snippet Expander's Search & Paste window

Snippet Expander is "Your little expandable text snippets helper", for Linux.

Snippet Expander comprises of a GUI application built with Wails for managing snippets and settings, with a Search & Paste window mode for quickly selecting and pasting a snippet.

The Wails based GUI, go-lang CLI and vala-lang auto expander daemon all communicate with a go-lang daemon via D-Bus. The daemon does the majority of the work, managing the database of snippets and common settings, and providing services for expanding and pasting snippets etc.

Check out the source code to see how the Wails app sends messages from the UI to the backend that are then sent to the daemon, and subscribes to a D-Bus event to monitor changes to snippets via another instance of the app or CLI and show them instantly in the UI via a Wails event.