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CFN Tracker

CFN Tracker - Track any Street Fighter 6 or V CFN profile's live matches. Check the website to get started.


  • Real-time match tracking
  • Storing match logs and statistics
  • Support for displaying live stats to OBS via Browser Source
  • Support for both SF6 and SFV
  • Ability for users to create their own OBS Browser themes with CSS

Major tech used alongside Wails

  • Task - wrapping the Wails CLI to make common commands easy to use
  • React - chosen for its rich ecosystem (radix, framer-motion)
  • Bun - used for its fast dependency resolution and build-time
  • Rod - headless browser automation for authentication and polling changes
  • SQLite - used for storing matches, sessions and profiles
  • Server-sent events - a http stream to send tracking updates to OBS browser sources
  • i18next - with backend connector to serve localization objects from the Go layer
  • xstate - state machines for auth process and tracking