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NSIS installer

Wails supports generating Windows installers using the NSIS installer.

Installing NSIS​


The installer is available on the NSIS Download page.

If you use the chocolatey package manager, run the following script:

choco install nsis

If you install NSIS manually, you need to add the Bin folder, which contains makensis.exe, in your NSIS installation to your path. Here is a good tutorial on how to add to path on Windows.


The nsis package should be available through your distribution's package manager.


NSIS is available to install through homebrew: brew install nsis.

Generating the installer​

When a new project is created, Wails generates the NSIS configuration files in build/windows/installer. The config data is read from installer/info.json and that is configured to use the project's wails.json Info section:

// ...
"Info": {
"companyName": "My Company Name",
"productName": "Wails Vite",
"productVersion": "1.0.0",
"copyright": "Copyright.........",
"comments": "Built using Wails ("

To generate an installer for your application, use the -nsis flag with wails build:

wails build -nsis

The installer will now be available in the build/bin directory.